Pottery Painting at Home!

Little keepsakes is now offering pottery painting at home kits! 

Painting is a great activity for your mental health and something fun and different to do by yourself or with your family. 


In your kit you will get:
Your chosen pottery pieces
Ceramic colour glazes 
Brushes, Paint palettes and Water cups
1 black fine detail glaze pen
Set of Instructions 

All of the contents except the pottery are for hire and all items will be cleaned between customers. 

Please look at the range of items on this post, these are the items available to order for next week.

A minimum of 2 items need to be ordered for each kit. 

We are trying to only do deliveries on Mondays to keep the amount of travel to a minimum. When you order we will let you know when we will deliver them. They will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Currently we are only delivering within 10 miles of Moira.

We will collect the kit box and pottery the following week to take away to fire your pottery in our kiln. They will then be delivered back to you a week later. 

If you want to do hand or footprints on your pottery for your baby or young children. We would love to help you as this is our main business!! To do this if you just send us your mobile number and will do a video call with you!

Available Pottery is listed below, simply add to cart to make your order!

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